2018 Elections

It’s that time – time to elect new members to the board. Elections are being held for British Columbia and the Prairies & Territories Directors.

The Quebec director is continuing by acclamation and the 2nd Vice President position is also being filled by acclamation.

Click to view continuing members for the board and nominations for 2019.

Login and click CTAA 2018 Election to cast your vote!

2018 CTAA Conference & AGM

November 11 - 14
Regina Delta Hotel


2019 Montréal, QC
2020 Kelowna, BC

2021 Charlottetown PEI

Active members – just login to the members area and click on the Regina 2018 graphic to start your registration.

Lapsed Members – login to the members area to renew your membership and then register at the member rate. (Note – lapsed members will automatically be directed to renew their membership before having access to the members area of the website. If you would prefer to register as a non-member (same total cost) then contact to reset your membership so you can log into the non-members area.

Archived Members (you haven’t paid dues since at least 2016) can still log in at the members area to be directed to the non-members area and the registration links.

Non-Members (never a member) – contact to be sent a registration link for non-members

This course will cover various aspects of gravel/chip sealing systems (sometimes referred to as seal coats or surface dressing) by considering site assessment and sealing system selection. Asphalt materials selection and compatibility with chosen aggregates will be covered as well as items related to application rates and construction timing.


The Canadian Technical Asphalt Association invites paper proposals (Abstracts) for the 2019 CTAA Annual Conference.


The conference program is quickly coming together and the conference App is quickly being populated. Get a sneak peak at the program and activities here and use pass code ctaa2018 to gain access. Password and login will be required later, but for now you can see what is going on and get the App loaded on your phone. See who is already registered!

What's New

Well let's see...

The main move of the office is complete. Office files and papers have been relocated to West Kelowna (check out the new mailing address on the website). The new phone number will follow shortly.


(above) Secure storage of historical papers and files


(above) 60+ Years of CTAA history loaded in the U-Haul and waiting for the ferry


(above) Our complete library of proceedings since 1956

The WEB is getting a helping hand

Janis, from ManageWise, is now providing able assistance in maintaining our website. This should help the site stay more current and help Kathy and I where we had pesky webby issues that kept cropping up. This new Newsletter format is also with Janis’ assistance.

We're accepting suggestions for names for the newsletter. Send over your ideas , and feel free to contact Janis with any feedback in regards to the newsletter or the website at

We have opened a Book Store

Need an extra copy of proceedings? The bookstore is now up at least in beta version to help people be aware and find the place to purchase proceedings. We are also experimenting with putting up individual papers for download (for a fee). MEMBERS can download for free from within the members portal! It is currently located for public access under About > Facts or click here. When logged in to the members area it is on the ribbon bar or there is a badge on the members screen linking to the store.

Membership Certificates and Cards


General members can now download membership certificates and membership cards from their profile area (My Account > Membership). They are still being tweaked a bit, but they are there for those that want to show off their membership in the Association. Once they are more final they will be available for Honourary, Sustaining, and Student membership categories.

Abstracts Online

While we have had our technical papers online for almost a decade available to the membership, we have started to prepare copies of abstracts accessible on the public side of the website. The links are built into the abstract index assessed under the About > Facts pages of the web site.

Member Updates

Lapsed Members

One of the changes under the new membership system is simple terminology and processes for members who have not paid their dues for the current year. While the internal processes may change slightly in alignment with the new software the impact to the member is similar.

Dues not paid by March/April of the current year results in the membership being flagged as lapsed. Once payment is lapsed members will no longer have access to the members’ portal or be eligible for member pricing, for example. The new system will be set up to redirect lapsed members to the dues payment screens. Email reminders were also automated this year, so you should have seen a series of renewal reminders from January through March (4 emails). If you did not see reminder emails your server may be blocking emails from the system, check with your IT department.

As before, those members who have lapsed will not be included in the member directory (online/app or proceedings).

Three Canadian Technical Asphalt Association scholarships were awarded again this year under the categories of Applied, Undergraduate, and Graduate. The awards are each for $2,000 and are intended to assist those individuals pursuing studies in asphalt technology.

PLEASE log in to the members area and make sure your contact information is up to date.  We have noticed that when we migrated to the new system, home phone numbers and work phone numbers got mixed up for many members!  Please login to the website and update your profile so your contact information is correct when published in the upcoming proceedings.

As noted in the July Newsletter, 2018 has established a new level of commitment for sustaining members having committed to the sustainability of our Association. These members will soon have their own CTAA graphics they can use to show off that support.

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